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If you like to live on the edge you can always download the latest and greatest revision of mousikos from the sourceforge CVS repository. At your shell prompt type (or copy/paste):
cvs checkout mousikos

Here is a list of things I really need help with:

Personally I would like get support for the digisette AR-100 mp3 player since I got one for Christmas and I love it.(about the AR-100) It's great to take radio shows in the car with you as it has a standard cassette form factor. For this I'm reading up on USB right now. Support for players apart from the digisette will help this project evolve though. A goal of this project is to be generic enough to be used with multiple portable music players. If you are interested in supporting your favorite portable mp3 player take a look at fakep3_16.h and fakep3_16.c. You will need to provide routines similar to these.
 It would be nice if people tried to compile it on different distributions so we can eliminate build problems. Right now "./configure" and "make"  have been tested on Red Hat 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 8.0. Anybody running other distributions want to give it a shot? Debian, Mandrake, SuSE, gentoo? Keep in mind mousikos requires gnome 1.4. All you need to do is download the current release and do "./configure" and "make". Then tell me if it works or not. If it doesn't, you could try to figure it out yourself or send me a log with the errors.
I would like mousikos to be as compliant as possible. If you spot any "violations" of the Human Interface Guidelines please bring them to my attention. (or become a developer and fix it!)
If you want features or something doesn't work right please submit a bug. If you want to step further you can even fix it yourself!
If you think you  have any artistic talent you can help out.

Some things to consider in the future once mousikos becomes more usable:

Even though I would like the whole app to be intuitive and self documenting through tooltips and the status bar good documentation always helps.
This makes a difference. I'm Greek myself and I know that most Greek Linux users can communicate in English fairly well. I believe this is not true for the average population of any non-English speaking country however. If mousikos is to be used by, say, my extended family communication in their native tongue is a must.
To make it easier for people to install and use.

Some books I use: Back to the mousikos  homepage